Recognising Risks, Enabling Opportunity

Versicherungswirtschaft vom 01.06.2017, S. 50 / Management und Wissen

Gabriel Bernardino Would the readers of the first edition of Versicherungswirtschaft Magazine ever have imagined that future readers would be able to read the publication on their smart phone? Technology is changing the way we interact and behave as consumers. It impacts our purchasing behaviour but has also an impact on the way business functions. The ubiquitous digitalisation is challenging old patterns, also transforming the traditional business models of insurance companies. The enterprise-centric business models that worked in the past are now being challenged by a growing number of new entrants, who often enter the market through cooperation agreements ...
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Schlagwörter: Sprache, Freihandelszone, Marketing, CD-Kritik
Beitrag: Recognising Risks, Enabling Opportunity
Quelle: Versicherungswirtschaft Online-Archiv
Ressort: Management und Wissen
Datum: 01.06.2017
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