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DITF Cellulose fibers against climate change

Chemical Fibers International vom 04.06.2021, S. 75 / Fibers

Protecting the global climate is an undertaking that presents both industry and society with a major task. It will not be possible to achieve the climate targets simply by limiting global emissions, by saving carbon dioxide (CO2). This is because there will continue to be unavoidable CO2 emissions that will nevertheless have to be compensated. Ways out of this unfortunate situation can be measures such as reforestation, carbon sequestration in the soil or even the active capture of CO2 from the air. Such so-called ′direct air capture technologies′, are already being tested from various approaches on a research scale or ...

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Beitrag: DITF Cellulose fibers against climate change
Quelle: Chemical Fibers International Online-Archiv
Ressort: Fibers
Datum: 04.06.2021
Wörter: 969
Preis: 5,14 €

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