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An Auspicious Beginning

Brauwelt International vom 21.02.2018, S. 56 / Technical Feature

The newest member of the Beviale Family, Craft Beer Italy, held its first conference and exhibition in Milan, Italy, on November 22nd and 23rd of 2017. The event took place at the Talent Garden, a venue that echoes the dynamic nature of the Italian brewing industry. Providing both a convention center and modern office space, the Talent Garden is home to startups as well as innovative divisions of larger companies. The exhibition was fully booked with 54 exhibitors. Almost a third of the companies were based in countries other than Italy, while others were represented by their Italian sales partners ...

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Beitrag: An Auspicious Beginning
Quelle: Brauwelt International Online-Archiv
Ressort: Technical Feature
Datum: 21.02.2018
Wörter: 412
Preis: 8,00 €

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