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GIT SECURITY reaches all decision makers involved in investment - in purchasing, through specialist departments and up to management level, in the private as well as in the public sector. This publication speaks to the whole distribution channel, from the manufacturer and all kinds of distributors along to the end-users. The magazine deals with the diversity and complexity of safety and security topics and covers them in regular sections: Management, Security, Information Technology, Fire Protection and Safety
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Heft vom 06.03.2017
GIT Security
Security within Security
When I was asked to do an interview on IT security aspects of video...
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GIT Security
Morse Watchmans′ Next Gen CPU Featured at Intersec 2017
At Intersec 2017, Morse Watchmans showcased new generation CPU for its...
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GIT Security
Qognify Opens New Corporate Fleadquarters in New York
Qognify announced the opening of its new corporate headquarters office in Pearl...
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