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The European Property Law Journal (EPLJ) focuses on both private and public law aspects of land, movables, claims and so-called new objects of property law, such as "virtual" property. Articles are based upon comparative legal analysis and examine property law from a European perspective. This includes not only the multidisciplinary study of property law and the effects of the EU internal market on the national property law systems, but also the philosophical and ideological aspects of property law
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European Property Law Journal
Rethinking expropriation law
Few academics have dedicated their attention to a comparative study of...
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European Property Law Journal
Core Principles of European Expropriation Law
I. Introduction There are indications that in the Egypt of the Pharaohs...
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European Property Law Journal
Revising the Procedure for Expropriations in South Africa: 2015 Bill and 1975 Act compared
1. Background: Why reform? When South Africa′s constitutional property clause...
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